create custom handmade dresses and gowns inspired by each client's individuality. Includes client’s personal profile, body shape, and message to send through the dress for customized design. 
- $1200-$4000
- stylist consultant
- custom design
- body measurement
- in studio fitting
- finish in Studio
- made in NYC
offering variety of birdal collection styles to choose from, create MTM custom pieces.
- $800-$1500
- stylist consultant
- MTM styles
- body measurement
- MTM ordering
- made in China



CONI CLOUD BRIDAL works with some of the best suppliers from all around the world. The majority of our fabrication suppliers are well-known fabric suppliers based in New York City, such as Mood, B&J, Solstiss lace, Swarovski elements, and Preview silk. They are also known for supplying high-end designer brands. We also import silk from China, lace from France, and hand- embellished artwork from India. Our goal behind this global approach is to provide the highest quality and variety of materials so that we can find the perfect pieces for each part of the dress while maintaining a reasonable cost.​


Eshing Zhang, as the designer, creates all pattern, draping, and hand embellishments by herself in the studio, to ensure the quality of each dress. The pattern created by the designer herself would ensure the dress would fit perfectly on each client and the design would be transferred fully. She also sews all hand embellishment and lace, so the layout and placement would be made correctly. 

CONI CLOUD BLUE line collaborates with leading high-end fashion suppliers and factories in NYC. These partners have more than 30 years of industry experience and excellent craftsmanship, with clients such as Zac Posen, Jason Wu, and Oscar De La Renta. Our BLUE line dresses are handmade in New York, while our WHITE line dresses are handmade in China at an affordable price. All dresses are ultimately finished and approved by the designer in our studio, to ensure their quality is consistent with our standards.